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Brief Introduction
   China Commerce Yearbook compiled and published by the Ministry of Commerce, P.R. China, is an authoritative reference book with a great deal of historical data and a systematic record of China's commerce development, as an important composition of China's commerce-related information network.

  Started in 1984, China Commerce Yearbook is rendered both at home and abroad once a year in both English and Chinese versions.

  Advantaged by collection of comprehensive, systematic, and reliable data and information, it has aroused great attention since its first issue among both domestic and overseas readers in the field of commerce, and other sectors related to economy, trade, research and information, as an authoritative reference book with practical guidance.

  In the history of 30 years, the chairmen of the editorial board of China Commerce Yearbook were Lu Xuzhang (1984-1985), Zheng Tuobin (1986-1990), Li Lanqing (1991-1992), Wu Yi (1993, 1995-1997), Zheng Silin (1994), Shi Guangsheng (1998-2002) , Lu Fuyuan (2003),Chen Deming (2008-2012),and Gao Hucheng (began from 2013).

  China Commerce Yearbook will make innovative and unique progress in its way of approaching life and readers by providing a complete and practical record on the history of China's commerce development.